Wed Apr 3, 12:10:47am

Jeanpaulcalderone: Did you miss me kikes

Wed Apr 3, 12:10:51am

kikesdid911: @Jeanpaulcalderone hey jeanpaulcalderone

Wed Apr 3, 12:10:51am

Phil: god webdev is full of women and trannies

Wed Apr 3, 12:11:05am

mollythemonk: @aliemsx its sm0gg but with hair

Wed Apr 3, 12:11:20am

Jeanpaulcalderone: @phil you mean fatties

Wed Apr 3, 12:14:40am

Wed Apr 3, 12:14:40am

RAGU: haha

Wed Apr 3, 12:18:17am

tomgilly: 4 knocks for fuck u guys are stuoopid

Wed Apr 3, 12:18:38am

iwantharrypotterfilm: but they couldve just edited that out

Wed Apr 3, 12:18:44am

iwantharrypotterfilm: thats the truly spooky part

Wed Apr 3, 12:22:29am

Phil: @aliemsx lol I love that webm

Wed Apr 3, 12:22:43am

sm0gg: @tomgilly: 4 knocks for fuck u guys are stuoopid lol

Wed Apr 3, 12:23:02am


Wed Apr 3, 12:28:26am

sm0gg: jus pull it out

Wed Apr 3, 12:29:52am

sm0gg: being this much of a fag

Wed Apr 3, 12:34:40am

Phil: .cmc btc

Wed Apr 3, 12:34:40am

RAGU: @PHIL Bitcoin (BTC) | 0.28% (1hr) | 6.06% (24hr) | 22.12% (7d) | | $4948.25810934 USD | 1.0 BTC | (3m 5s ago)

Wed Apr 3, 12:35:34am

iwantharrypotterfilm: buy buy buy

Wed Apr 3, 12:41:35am

iwantharrypotterfilm: new amon amarth track

Wed Apr 3, 12:47:11am


Wed Apr 3, 12:50:26am

iwantharrypotterfilm: .u

Wed Apr 3, 12:50:29am


Wed Apr 3, 12:52:46am

tomgilly: my internet going out like every 20 minutes

Wed Apr 3, 12:52:59am

tomgilly: tempted to take baseball bat to my router

Wed Apr 3, 12:53:09am

iwantharrypotterfilm: >>>>north american internet

Wed Apr 3, 12:53:36am

iwantharrypotterfilm: @sh

Wed Apr 3, 12:53:41am

iwantharrypotterfilm: @shrewdie lck on pub1

Wed Apr 3, 12:54:01am

sm0gg: @tomgilly i'm pretty sure hitting your router with a bat wont improve things

Wed Apr 3, 1:00:55am

RAGU: Haha, back!

Wed Apr 3, 1:01:20am

RAGU: Haha, forth!

Wed Apr 3, 1:02:01am

PeterTrollson: .wa temp dublin

Wed Apr 3, 1:02:06am

RAGU: @PETERTROLLSON 43 F (wind chill: 38 F) (1 hour 9 minutes ago)

Wed Apr 3, 1:03:26am

Jeanpaulcalderone: @PeterTrollson hey pete

Wed Apr 3, 1:03:35am

Jeanpaulcalderone: How's my favorite poster doing

Wed Apr 3, 1:05:50am

mollythemonk: .wa temp brisbane

Wed Apr 3, 1:05:55am

RAGU: @MOLLYTHEMONK 72 F (36 minutes ago)

Wed Apr 3, 1:06:43am

mollythemonk: @PeterTrollson jealous u got comfy weather

Wed Apr 3, 1:06:53am

Phil: @PeterTrollson what movie is this? looks familiar

Wed Apr 3, 1:07:21am

sm0gg: it's a good movie

Wed Apr 3, 1:08:33am


RAGU: @jewishgoyim: and this chat, for all of its weirdness, is smarter than 95% of the world

Wed Apr 3, 1:10:05am

braydentoombs: blue ruin

Phil: ah thanks

Wed Apr 3, 1:12:08am

PeterTrollson: @mollythemonk its bleeding baltic here m8

PeterTrollson: @Jeanpaulcalderone im assuming this is the frenchman

mollythemonk: @PeterTrollson thats nice weather man, gets heapse colder than that here

Wed Apr 3, 1:13:23am

mollythemonk: I live for that climate, thats strawberrys and cream

MINDanon: @PeterTrollson @Phil @braydentoombs @sm0gg @mollythemonk @Jeanpaulcalderone @iwantharrypotterfilm @tomgilly @aliemsx @kikesdid911

mollythemonk: Kek

MINDanon: @iwantharrypotterfilm Did I talk to you about my groin?

aliemsx: @MINDanon no u

mollythemonk: Whatd you catch?


MINDanon: @mollythemonk I'm this close .. to pulling my groin

mollythemonk: .clap boner has a sexlife finally


Wed Apr 3, 1:14:27am

mollythemonk: He pulled his groin

PeterTrollson: @phil yeah blue ruin, 3 Saulnier movies in a row on pl

MINDanon: @mollythemonk not like that

mollythemonk: Im pulling my groin rn

DrRayne: yankin the member

Wed Apr 3, 1:15:31am

mollythemonk: Dislocating leg doing yoga u sicko*

DrRayne: .emuwaffen

DrRayne: muh cmd

aliemsx: my fukn head Aaaa

DrRayne: @RAGU where is my cmd

RAGU: @DRRAYNE @Aliemsx is this what it's like to be different movie No wonder he makes movies about killing people >PECKOVER HEY PECKO!

mollythemonk: Trying to fetch the vb i stashed in my kangaroo pouch, i mean... anus

Wed Apr 3, 1:16:31am

aliemsx: wat

DrRayne: the possum-hole

mollythemonk: Its been a long day

Chaimgoldbergenstein: @RAGU the fuck you on about nigga

Wed Apr 3, 1:18:06am

aliemsx: @Chaimgoldbergenstein phil made markov if U @ ragu

aliemsx: @ragu

braydentoombs: @ragu

RAGU: @BRAYDENTOOMBS Google playstore that shit and the server but ur gay Burger tax for...

Chaimgoldbergenstein: tfw he ignored me

Chaimgoldbergenstein: @RAGU ANSWER ME

RAGU: @CHAIMGOLDBERGENSTEIN Several thousand years ago high in the weirdest fucking way i have paid for for life for all the somalians & indians ask the government were u the math major NEGRO?

Chaimgoldbergenstein: @phil this is gud

PeterTrollson: ragu = molly now

braydentoombs: ragu short circuiting

DrRayne: ragu is reaching bogan levels yea

Wed Apr 3, 1:19:23am

Phil: ragu logs the most recent 10,000 messages and uses a markov chain to make random sentences

Phil: sometimes it forms them sometimes it doesn't

braydentoombs: lmao

DrRayne: @Phil but where are my cmds

tomgilly: fkucing internet



braydentoombs: i saw my chilean highland bip thing yesterday in there

braydentoombs: dank

mollythemonk: @PeterTrollson ill fucken set comfy to boganbots log and we can use him

mollythemonk: He tells you to fuck off and can say gday cunt

Wed Apr 3, 1:20:31am

mollythemonk: Work in progress

braydentoombs: !glass ragu

mollythemonk: Kek

Wed Apr 3, 1:25:22am


braydentoombs: .u


Wed Apr 3, 1:26:48am

Jeanpaulcalderone: So cute

Wed Apr 3, 1:28:45am

Phil: @asdf @fdsa test @rewq @qwer

MINDanon: @Phil What happened to your background


Wed Apr 3, 1:30:51am

DrRayne: JEW

MINDanon: @DrRayne @braydentoombs @Phil @Jeanpaulcalderone @mollythemonk @tomgilly @PeterTrollson @Chaimgoldbergenstein @aliemsx Do you shower after sex?

MINDanon: Say yes

Wed Apr 3, 1:31:53am

DrRayne: ye

MINDanon: ...

RAGU: ...

DrRayne: if i dont pass out


DrRayne: i get laid all i can take my dude


MINDanon: @DrRayne My brother in law has very clean hair

DrRayne: what a homo

Wed Apr 3, 1:33:20am


Jeanpaulcalderone: U r married!?

MINDanon: @DrRayne Supposedly the pashtu people or whatever in afghanistan bathe after sex, so the American soldiers over there would try to get the new guys to tell them that their brother in laws have very clean hair

MINDanon: @Jeanpaulcalderone My sister's married.

MINDanon: Calm down.

Jeanpaulcalderone: Can someone ban boner

Jeanpaulcalderone: I don't like him

MINDanon: Can someone ban @Jeanpaulcalderone

MINDanon: He deserves it

Jeanpaulcalderone: @wew

MINDanon: He's bringing the chat down

Wed Apr 3, 1:34:22am

MINDanon: It's not for me it's for the chat

Jeanpaulcalderone: I'll bring ur pants down

MINDanon: He wants to ban me because he doesn't like me, he's only in it for himself

MINDanon: I want to ban him because it's in the best interest of the chat.

MINDanon: I'm very magnanimous.

Wed Apr 3, 1:35:30am

DrRayne: very jewish

RAGU: Haha, forth!

braydentoombs: .truce @MINDanon @Jeanpaulcalderone

RAGU: henceforth, forevermore, and ad infinitum no more fight 'em

FamousMother: so im not dead

FamousMother: !

braydentoombs: hey

Wed Apr 3, 1:36:42am

braydentoombs: cheers

DrRayne: @FamousMother did you get good meds

FamousMother: did get a finger stuck up my ass though

FamousMother: @DrRayne ativan

FamousMother: zofran

FamousMother: protonix

Wed Apr 3, 1:38:15am

sm0gg: green room


Jeanpaulcalderone: Fuck off back to fctv

Jeanpaulcalderone: Don't come here only because there's no one there

FamousMother: lol you were spamming on fctv earlier

Jeanpaulcalderone: We ain't your leftovers

DrRayne: jean luc hitler

Wed Apr 3, 1:39:31am

sm0gg: i have an $85 ticket to Emperor tonight, it's a sold out show but I'm tired & have an early start tomorrow. what do?


FamousMother: @Jeanpaulcalderone to be fair, while you were sperging out overthere i was at the hospital

FamousMother: @sm0gg sell it at the venue

sm0gg: too late

DrRayne: @sm0gg hell yea Emperor

Wed Apr 3, 1:40:51am

Jeanpaulcalderone: Why didn't u die there

sm0gg: they play anthems to the welkin at duck in it's entirity

sm0gg: dusk*

Wed Apr 3, 1:42:03am


sm0gg: @Jeanpaulcalderone fuckoff cunt

Wed Apr 3, 1:45:52am

Phil: @RAGU